30 March 2011

Wednesday's Child - Helen Perry

Helen Perry was born on 22 Aug 1931 in Lompoc, California to William John Perry and Lena Ann (Lucas) Perry. She was the 4th child born to this couple. Exactly 3 months later on 22 Nov 1931 she passed away at Santa Maria Hospital in Santa Maria, California. Her cause of death was lobar pneumonia and she was treated for this illness for 5 days by the attending physician. She left her parents at 5:00 pm that day. I can only imagine the heartache her parents must have felt. The only record of this small infant is a death certificate and a tombstone, however, her parents did name their next daughter Helen as well when she was born in 1933, perhaps to honor her memory. She now rests in the Lompoc Evergreen Cemetery in Lompoc, California.

Helen Perry Grave Marker

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