03 May 2011

Book Review: Social Networking for Genealogists by Drew Smith

Social Networking for GenealogistsSocial Networking for Genealogists by Drew Smith

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a 129 page reference book that covers the different aspects of using the social media available to broaden your genealogical horizons, such as mailing lists, blogs, and social networking sites. It is a simple read with screen prints showing you steps in each chapter, although it doesn't go into too much depth on any one category. At the end of each chapter, it gives suggestions to get you started in the area that chapter covered. It was written in an interesting and easy to understand way, and even though I was already familiar with most of the social media topics covered, I was able to find a couple of new ones and some that I hadn't even considered using for genealogy. It is an excellent resource for beginners in the social media realm and worth flipping through for the more experienced.

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