30 May 2011

Military Monday - Happy Memorial Day

Today is a time to remember all the soldiers who fought and died for our freedom as well as their families who worried, prayed for, and sometimes lost them.

Here is my own little tribute to the soldiers in my life...

My Dad ~ Vietnam War
Herman Rienerth ~ World War II ~ US Army
Arlene Hetrick Rienerth ~ World War II ~ MAM3 US Navy

Richard L Throp ~ US Army
Gary O. Palmer ~ US Navy
Joseph G. Lucas ~ World War I & II ~ US Army
Richard Perry (left) ~ US Navy
Ed Perry ~ US Army
Al Perry ~ US Navy
Karl Rienerth ~ World War II ~ POW ~ US Army
Roy E. Brickman ~ World War I Casualty ~ US Army
John Barrows ~ US Air Force
Thank you to my family mentioned here and to all the other soldiers out there who have served our country and  protected the safety of my family!


  1. Wonderful photos posted on an appropriate day! My dad's younger brother served in WWII and I have a gazillion photos of him from draft day through the end of WWII and beyond. A fine tribute!

  2. Thank you Linda! Every time I look through it, I get a little emotional. :)

  3. Hi Monica,

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