11 June 2011

The Elusive Second Marriage - Follow Up

A few weeks ago, I posted about a second marriage involving my grandmother and a mystery man. I ordered the marriage certificate online from the Clark County, Nevada Recorder's office and it arrived rather quickly.

Unfortunately, it did not have that much information on it and it kind of got lost in the shuffle since I received several information laden documents from the Family History Library the next day. Basically, I got distracted.

I did sent out an email with a copy of the scanned image to my aunts and uncles speculating that this could be the correct person, but that I couldn't know for sure. I was rewarded with several emails of confirmation that this was the right guy. The name seem to have triggered some memories because there were stories I had never heard before. They were not good ones either. I seem to have opened up a can of worms.

I guess this is the risk we take when we do more recent research. Bad feelings were brought forth that had been buried for awhile. One of my relatives asked that we just forget he ever existed. Unfortunately, I can't do that being the way that I am, however, I can just enter the facts of the record and move on. I don't have a lot of curiosity at this point about where this man ended up  and what happened with him, and I certainly don't feel a need to dredge up awful memories for my family out of respect for them. I think for the time being, I will let this fact just remain what it is ... a fact only.

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