10 June 2011

Marriage Record of Joseph Capek and Antonie Procházka

Joseph Capek, date unknown but prior to 1908
I received a marriage record from the Family History Library that turned out to be a treasure trove of information. The family is on my husband's side and is Czechoslovakian. My mother-in-law knew they came from Bohemia, but that is about all she knew of the origins of her grandmother. Her biological grandfather passed away when her mother was a small girl, so she grew up knowing the second husband as her grandfather.

This is one of those cases where it pays to get a copy of the actual record. It was indexed simply with names, parents' names, and the date of marriage. But as you can see, there is SO much more on this one record. I did not find anything stating that I could not post an image of the certificate on my blog, but if anyone knows differently please tell me so that I'm not violating any copyright laws.
Capek-Prochazka Marriage Record, 1901

City of New York.                                                                                         
No. of Certificate, 16063
[Stamp] Bureau of Records Received Sep 25 1901 Borough of Ma[nhattan]

I Hereby Certify that Joseph Čapek and Antonie Procházka were joined in Marriage by me in accordance with the laws of the State of New York, in the City of New York, this twenty first day of September 1901.

Witnesses to the Marriage, Václar Fous, Jan Procházka. Signature of person performing the ceremony: Wenceslaus Supik.

Date of Marriage. September 21st 19[image cut off]
Groom's Full Name. Joseph Čapek
Residence. 424 E 75 St
Age. 26 years
Color. White
Single or Widowed. Single
Birthplace. Dolní Krupá in Boh. [Czech Republic]
Father's Name. John Čapek
Mother's Maiden Name. Frances Bemák
Number of Groom's Marriage. First
Bride's Full Name. Antonie Procházka
Residence. 422 E. 75 St
Age. 26
Color. White
Single or Widowed. Single
Maiden Name, if a Widow. ---
Birthplace. Hrabĕšín Bohemia [Czech Republic]
Father's Name. Joseph Procházka
Mother's Maiden Name. Marie Čerinak
Number of Bride's Marriage. Frist [sic]
Name of Person performing Ceremony. Wenceslaus Supik csm
Official Station. Catholic Priest
Residence. 323 E. 61 St
Date of [rest cut off]

[Page Two - back of form]
We, the Groom and Bride named in this Certificate, hereby certify, that the informaton given therein is correct, to the best of our knowledge and belief.
[Signature] Josef Čapek Groom,
[Signature] Tony Procháska Bride.
Signed in the presence of Vaclar Fous and J Prochaska [difficult to read]

Not only did we find more exact birthplaces for each of them, but we have parents' names (one was incorrectly indexed) and where they lived when they got married, which by the addresses it appears they were neighbors!

Page Two of this record (the back) has their signatures as well as the signatures of the witnesses. My mother-in-law was always under the impression that her grandmother had traveled to this country as an orphan and that she didn't know anyone here, but if you look at the witnesses to the marriage, one of them has the same last name as her!
I looked up the Catholic Priest who performed the marriage, Wencelaus Supik, as I thought this was an unusual name. I searched Ancestry.com and managed to find a photo posted of him at an age that was close to 31 when he performed the marriage. It makes it more personal to know what the priest looked like who performed the ceremony.

My mother-in-law was very excited by all of this information as was I!! It has been one of the most exciting records I've found, although I am certainly not a seasoned researcher, so I'm hoping for many more like this in the future!

© copyright Monica Palmer, 2011

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