07 June 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - Great-Grandparents

My daughter standing with her great-grandparents' grave
Being a stay at home mom means that my 3 year old pretty much goes with me everywhere... including cemeteries. I have to say she is a pretty good sport about it (we call them adventures or "abentures" in her words), but she is one of those children that is just happy to be wherever she is, especially when she is with her family. She insists on posing with grave markers in every cemetery we frequent (and we go to a lot of them). I hope this doesn't freak her out when she's old enough to look back and understand what that grave marker means. 

Here she is standing with her great-grandparents, Ezra Canfield & Rose Ann Barrows in Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York.

Rose A.
Ezra C.

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