18 July 2011

Motivation Monday - Getting Back on Track

I just took a week off from everything genealogy. I put my volunteer projects on hold, stopped reading any blogs or genealogy related books, didn't touch any records, put off starting my genealogy class, and even stopped looking at my email account that I have devoted to genealogy purposes.  I was feeling overwhelmed and a little burnt out with everything that I had on my plate. In short, genealogy had started to feel like a chore and that's when I knew I needed a break!

It's summertime and my son is home all day. That means more mess, more "Can't we go SOMEwhere Mom??", and more whining from my daughter as they get sick of playing with each other. And we are only halfway through! I find myself torn between different activities I've committed myself to. Time management has always been a struggle for me. So I decided to take a week off to clear my head and re-prioritize.

At first, it was really difficult getting past the "I should be doing [fill in the genealogy activity]." I have to admit that after about Day 3, I was enjoying my time off although I was having a hard time finding things to do during the hottest part of the day when I don't want to do anything that is going to make me hotter. My son was shocked that I was taking a week off and when I told him the reason he gave me some wise and simple advice: "Mom, treat it [time worked on genealogy] like money. You only have so much of it, so you budget it. Figure out how much time you want to work on genealogy and when you run out, you're done." It was pretty good advice for a 9 year old!

So today is Monday and my week off is over. I've had a chance to prioritize and hopefully I can make it stick. I'm taking my son's advice and am going to budget my time so that I can get chores done around the house, take my kids' to fun activities, and still get stuff done in my beautiful land of genealogy. First thing though is cleaning house. Literally. My house is a mess. I'm also going to have to focus my volunteer efforts on only one thing right now. I have a couple of things going that I will finish up and then I am going to focus on one main project, which is my other blog Southern Tier Cemeteries.

To keep it simple, I'm focusing on these projects:
  1. My blogs: This one and Southern Tier Cemeteries.
  2. I'm in the process of revamping my filing system and syncing it with my genealogy software and Ancestry.com trees.
  3. Genealogy classes through NIGS.
Before I can do anything though, I need to get some order in my office. So my efforts this week are going to be focused on the following:
  • Cleaning my office 
  • Going through the paper piles and putting them where they need to go
  • Finish scanning some family photos so I can get them back to their owner (and there is a family reunion in 2 weeks that I need to have them done by!)
  • Finish up a volunteer project so that I don't have that hanging over my head.
  • Start my class!
  • Continue working on organizing my cemetery photos for my other blog.
I think that is plenty to work on for this week! We are also doing some home improvement projects around the house, so I should be plenty busy!

Does anyone have any other advice (other than my son's) on how they manage their genealogy time in their busy daily lives?

© copyright Monica Palmer, 2011

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