06 July 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Ezra Barrows and Rose Frantel

Ezra Canfield Barrows and Rosie Capek Frantel met around 1923 in Elmira, New York. They both worked at American Sales Book Company in different departments. According to their daughter, Rose may have known someone in the department Ezra was working in and was visiting that person when she first noticed him and thought he was handsome. He must have noticed her too at some point along the way because he sent her a note at work asking her out. Up until this point, everyone called her Rosie. Ezra addressed her as Rose and from then on, that is the name she went by. He signed his note "I.K.E." His nickname was Ike, but since he wrote it like they were initials, she initially couldn't figure out who had sent it to her. She must have asked someone who it was because they started dating.

They did not have a formal wedding. They got their marriage license the same day and went into a church and had the minister marry them. They chose the Erste Deutsche Evangelische Kirche [First German Evangelical Church] in Elmira, New York.

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Their marriage record confirms this and even shows witnesses to look into. The family story is that it was only the minister and his wife who witnessed the marriage, however, there are two witnesses and neither of them bear the same name as the minister.

Record of Marriages, page 180
No. 10888
Column 1: For the Groom
Name: Ezra Canfield Barrows
Residence: 1005 Gr. Central Ave. Elmira, NY
Occupation: Paper Cutter
Birthplace: Lockwood, N.Y.
Father: Wm. Barrows
Birthplace: U.S.A.
Mother: Minnie Tannery
Birthplace: U.S.A.
Color: White
Age 26
No. of Marriage: 1st
Column 2: For the Bride
Name: Rose Anna Frantl
Residence: 210 Washington St. Elmira, N.Y.
Occupation: Packing
Birthplace: New York City
Father: Joseph Capek
Birthplace: Austria
Mother: Antoinette Prochaska
Birthplace: [blank or illegible in copy]
Color: White
Age: 22
No. of Marriage: 1st
Date of License: Oct. 11- [19]24; Date of Marriage: Oct 11 [19]24; Place of Marriage: Elmira, N.Y.; Official: R. Vieiveg; Profession: Minister; Witness: Nellie A. Garrigan & Samuel C. Fabletta.

I also have a copy of their wedding certificate given to them by the church, which is actually quite beautiful.

This Certifies That Ezra C. Barrows of Elmira, NY and Rose A. Frantl of Elmira, NY were united in Marriage according to the Ordinance of God and the Laws of the State of New York on the 11th day of October in the year of Our Lord 1924 One Thousand Nine Hundred twenty four. Witnesses: Samuel C. Falletta, Nellie A. Garrigan. R. Vieweg, Pastor. [Seal] Erste Deutsche Evangelische Kirche [First German Evangelical Church], Elmira, NY.
Ezra and Rose's wedding gifts to each other were professional portraits of themselves. There are no photos of them together on their wedding day and it is unclear if these photos were taken before or after their marriage. Either way, they were most likely taken close to their marriage date, circa October 1924.

Ezra Barrows

Rose Capek Frantel Barrows

This marriage produced five children. They were married until Ezra passed away in 1987. His last years were spent in a hospice and she walked over to visit him every single day. She lived on to be 102 years old.

Marriage Record: Chemung, New York, Marriage Records, 1908-1935, 3: 180, Barrows-Frantl, 1924; FHL microfilm 849,271, item 10888.
Marriage Certificate: Erste Deutsche Evangelische Kirche (Elmira, New York, USA), Heirloom Marriage Certificate, Ezra C. Barrows & Rose A. Frantl (1924), issued 1924; Erste Deutsche Evangelische Kirche, Elmira; Color copy of marriage certificate in author's possession. Original held privately.

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